Permitting Process

What Requires a Building Permit?

All types of construction in the Town of Lisbon require a permit. This includes, but is not limited to, additions, remodeling, sheds, decks, pools and any interior remodeling.  Permitting is also required for a service upgrade or replacement, window and roof replacement, water heater, furnace and air conditioner replacement.

In an emergency situation, a licensed contractor should do the work, and then obtain your permit as soon as practical.  Please contact the Building Inspector if you have more questions.

CLICK HERE for more specific information on permitting.

CLICK HERE for more specific information on new home permitting.

What Do I Need to Provide to Obtain a Permit?

All types of construction in the Town of Lisbon require a permit. This includes, but is not limited to, additions, remodeling, sheds, decks, and pools. Along with the application, two (2) copies of plans must be submitted, as well as two (2) copies of your property survey with the improvement shown on the survey, if your improvement is outside the home.  If you do not have a copy of your property survey, please call or email Town Hall and they can check to see if they have one on file for you.  If they do not, they can generate a to-scale GIS map for you.  Please contact Town Hall at 246-6100 ext. 1003 or email with your address and the GIS map will be emailed back to you.  If the improvement is out of the home (exterior) and have a mound or septic system, please contact Waukesha County Health Department for a Preliminary Site Evaluation at 262-896-8300.

Electrical Permit – Any improvement 50 volts or greater. Plumbing Permit – Any improvement that requires altering drain waste or vent of any appliance. 

HVAC Permit – Replacement of your HVAC appliance including duct work.
Fences – Except as provided herein, a fence or other structure may be erected, placed or maintained a minimum of two feet from a lot line, on residential zoned property or adjacent thereto, to a height not exceeding six feet above the ground level. The structure should be located a minimum of two feet from the lot line to allow for maintenance. Where such a lot line is adjacent to a non-residential zoned property, there shall be a ten-foot limit on the height of a fence along such lot line.  Click here to view the Fence Ordinance in its entirety.

Swimming Pools – This includes temporary swimming pools.  Click here to view the Swimming Pool Ordinance in its entirety.

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