• Professionals nearby sign reading Flu Shots Today, Walk-ins welcome
  • Firefighters hosing down a car on fire
  • Firefighters standing in uniform by fire engines
  • Firefighters in gear being sprayed by water
  • Firefighters standing nearby fire engines
  • Guests listening to man dressed in a kilt play a bagpipe
  • Uniformed firefighters performing color guard duties with flags
  • Car on fire with nearby fire engine
  • Firefighters hosing down car on fire
  • Firefighters hosing down car on fire from a distance
  • Firefighter walking nearby burning car
  • Firefighter walking closer nearby burning car
  • Lisbon firefighters arm in arm and smiling
  • Three Lisbon fire engines
  • Overhead shot of smiling, uniformed firefighter
  • Overhead shot of another uniformed firefighter, arms spread
  • Firefighters standing next to flags in front of EMS vehicles and fire engines
  • Fire engines in a parking lot
  • Open fire engine bay door and a firefighter speaking at a podium

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