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Operator's (Bartender) License - Renewals Only

  1. This form may be used for RENEWALS only. New operators/bartenders must submit applications in person at Lisbon Village Hall.

    The license year runs from July 1st through June 30 each year. Applications will be reviewed/processed beginning 60 days before expiration, and licenses will be mailed and/or available for pickup at Village Hall beginning in mid-June.

    If you are applying after July 1st:
    Please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days after submittal for Village Staff to process your renewal license.

  2. If no middle name, enter "none"

  3. Gender*
  4. Do you have a current license in Lisbon?*
  5. Have you ever been arrested, cited or convicted of charges related to activities performed while bartending?*
  6. Have you had any arrests, charges, or citations related to controlled substances, disorderly conduct/battery, or involving alcoholic beverages?*
  7. Have you been convicted of a felony?*
  8. Please note: Failure to list all matters truthfully will result in the rejection of this application. A complete background check will be completed and compared to the information you provide on this application.

  9. How will you pay the $37.00 annual license fee?*
  10. How would you like to receive your license?*
  11. Thank you for using our online Operator License Application. Once you click submit, you will be taken to our online payment portal (AllPaid) to pay the fees online. Simply close the browser, if you're mailing a check or paying in person at Village Hall. Your application will be processed in the order it was received. Once the application/fee is received, the license will be mailed to you.

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