Complaint / Nuisance Form

Village of Lisbon Code Compliance Policy & Procedures 

1. All compliance inspection requests need to be submitted in writing, filed with the Clerk, and signed by the Administrator prior to any staff conducting a site inspection. If the Complainant wants to be kept anonymous, they shall be directed to speak with a Lisbon Village Board member to write the complaint and sign it on their behalf. The signed complaint by a Board member shall be turned in and discussed with the Administrator. The Village Board members are NOT required to serve as the Complainant for a person but may do so at their discretion. If a Village Board member would like to write up a complaint as a resident and stay anonymous, they shall follow the same process as mentioned above. 

2. The Clerk shall pass the complaints – if signed by the Administrator – to the Building Inspector to perform a field inspection, note items in non-compliance along with applicable Village Code section, and take photos. 

3. If violations are found, the Building Inspector shall give notice of the non-compliance by Certified Mail Service to the owner and/or occupant of the property giving them thirty (30) days to make corrections. [Information required: property owner name and mailing address, address of property inspected, date of inspection, list of items in non-compliance, corrective action to be taken, and a copy of the Lisbon Code section being enforced.] A copy of the letter and photos will be sent to the Administrator and Clerk. 

4. Prior to expiration of the 30-day deadline, an extension may be requested with an appearance before the Lisbon Board. 

5. A follow-up inspection is done after the time limit expires. If still in a state of non-compliance when time has lapsed, the issue will be referred to the Sheriff Deputy for a citation to be issued. Once a citation is issued, the matter is deemed to be in court and will only be addressed at the request of the Lisbon Attorney. 

6. A report from the Building Inspector will be forwarded each month to the Administrator and Clerk by email with the status of open non-compliance cases. 

7. Each month, the Clerk shall bring the current non-compliance report and files to the Village Board meeting for the sole purpose of advising the Village Board members as to the status of the matters. 

8. If the property becomes in non-compliance within six months after being brought into compliance, the issue of citations shall be commenced by the Sheriff’s Department without the necessity of prior notice being given. 

9. Any staff deviation of this procedure shall be cleared with the Lisbon Board beforehand. 

Policy adoption date: April 12, 2021

Complaint / Nuisance Form

After reviewing the policies above, please fill out the Complaint / Nuisance form. The form will only be forwarded if all fields are completed. We do not process anonymous forms. Administration will contact you after the form has been processed.