Refuse & Recycling

Waste Management

Lisbon contracts with Advanced Disposal in Hartland (now Waste Management) for garbage and recycling pickup services.

If Waste Management missed your house, please call them at 262-369-3080. You may also submit a ticket to Waste Management, and a representative will contact you back via email or phone. Click to access and submit an online Customer Support form.

If you moved into a newly built home, you must call the Town Hall at 262-246-6100 to start your garbage pickup. Please note, it can take up to 2 weeks for garbage service to start.

Residents are responsible for purchasing their own garbage cans. We recommend 32-gallon receptacles due to the 50-pound weight limit per can. Homeowners experience up-the-drive service; be sure your garbage cans can be lifted by one person and also clearly visible on your pickup day. More details may be found on Waste Management's FAQ & Tips Flyer.

Signup for garbage-related notifications on our Alert Center page.

Pickup Schedule

  • West of Hillside Road - Monday
  • East of Hillside Road - Thursday

NOTE: Garbage collection is delayed one day for holidays that fall on a weekday only. View the pickup calendar (PDF). If holidays fall on a weekend, there is no change to service.

Need Another Recycling Bin?

Please contact Town Hall at 262-246-6100. We will request another bin on behalf of residents. It will be delivered shortly after we submit the request.

Waste Oil and Anti-Freeze

There is a depository tank for waste oil located at the Municipal Garage at N72W24958 Good Hope Road. ONLY waste oil is to be deposited in this receptacle for recycling. You may also recycle your oil filters at this location. Also, there is a receptacle for used anti-freeze. We accept the synthetic type of anti-freeze. Please be very careful to properly place these in the designated receptacles. It will cost the Town extra to haul away contaminated products.

How Do I Dispose of...

Town Hall frequently receives phone calls about how to dispose of certain household items. Waukesha County has a great site listing how to dispose of pretty much everything, including but not limited to: