Application Process

Step 1 - Meet & Work with the Planner

All applicants must make an appointment with the Planner. Please use the Planner Appointment Request form to submit your appointment request to the Planners. If you are unable to come to Town Hall to see the Planner, they can accommodate that by setting up a digital appointment.

You will be emailed a confirmation of the appointment as well as any applications needing completion. Please complete the forms and bring them along with the application fee with you to the appointment.

Appointment & Review

During your appointment, the Planner will review your request and check all Lisbon Codes, Zoning Code, State Statutes and Shoreland/Floodland Code if the land is in Waukesha County Shoreland/Floodland jurisdiction. Click the link to view Waukesha County's jurisdictional GIS map. If your land is in the purple shaded area, Waukesha County Parks and Land Use will be included in your approval process.

The Planner will review your application with you at the appointment and let you know if additional information is needed. If it is, and the requested information is submitted 30 days prior to the next Plan Commission meeting, your request will be on the next Plan Commission agenda. All required forms, applications and fees are to be submitted either at the Town Hall during office hours or via email to the Clerk as a PDF. Only one copy of all documents are required on letter or legal sized paper.

Step 2 - Attend the Plan Commission Meeting

You or a representative must attend the meeting to answer any questions raised by the Plan Commission.

Please go to the Permits, Forms and Application page to download the application packet for your request.