Board of Appeals


The Town of Lisbon adopted a zoning code in (year) and is required to appoint a zoning board of appeals. The primary role is to review and decided cases where there is an alleged error in a zoning decision or where a relaxation of the ordinance is sought. Click here for more information in the Town's Zoning Code, Section 34.  

Zoning boards may be authorized to participate in two types of decision-making:

  • Administrative Appeal - a legally contested order or decision of the zoning official (usually associated with a contested map or text interpretation).
  • Variance - a relaxation of a dimensional or use standard specified in the zoning ordinance.  


John Gehrke, BOA Chairman Prosper Pfannerstill, III
Charles Koch Dennis Plotecher, 1st Alternate
Joseph Mentzer, 2nd Alternate

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Appeals meets as needed. Please contact Clerk Dan Green to inquire about application deadlines.  Click here for more information on the application process.