Tax Collection

Property Tax Bill Information

Tax bills are available to view online at Waukesha County Tax for the current year as well as previous years. The property value on the tax bill is based on the assessment as of January 1 of the current year. 

Please note: The County is statutorily required to mail all tax bills by the third Monday of December.

Waukesha County mails tax bills directly to residents based on information on file at the Register of Deeds office as of November 1. If the name/address on your tax bill are incorrect, please contact Waukesha County Register of Deeds-Tax Listing Division to update the information at 262-548-7597. You may also email address changes to, or you can update the information online.

View/download the annual Tax Collection Letter & Inserts for payment options and more details.

  • 2023 Mill Rates by District - view tax rate charts
  • 2023 Storm Water Utility Charge: $48 each single family residence
  • 2023 Refuse/Recycling Pickup Charge: $241.00 each single family residence

Regarding Special Charges:

  • Storm Water charges are for the tax year (per above 2023).
  • Garbage Service charges are prepaid for the year ahead (per above 2024).
  • Due to home builds/sales & tax bill cutoff dates, residents who do not receive a Garbage & Recycling charge on their tax bill, will receive a Garbage Service Invoice from Lisbon directly for the advanced year.
  • View/download the Annual 2024 Garbage Collection Calendar.

Do you have questions regarding Fees, Lottery Credit, Assessed Value or Escrow Accounts? Visit this helpful FAQ Guide for Property Tax Basics. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue also publishes a more in-depth guide for property owners annually.