Mailbox Maintenance

View the United States Post Office's mailbox installation guidelines.

Lisbon snowplow drivers do their best to prevent damage to private property while plowing, but occasionally snow pushed around structurally unsound mailboxes can damage them.

Please inspect your mailbox before the first snowfall and replace rusty, rotten or flimsy mailbox posts. Lisbon policy is to replace only mailboxes and posts directly hit by the plow, not boxes or posts pushed by the weight of the snow or damaged by your mail carrier, newspaper carrier or another vehicle striking them.

Also, if snow or slush from the plow blades happen to knock the box off its post, we will not be reinstalling the box to the post. Remember, you are responsible for keeping your box free of snow for mail delivery.

3.04 Debris and Snow in the Street

For the safety of all residents, please comply with the following Section of Lisbon Code.

3.04 Debris and Snow in the Street

(a) No person shall litter or deposit any foreign matter on any street, highway, sidewalk, park or public place unless permitted to do so by the DPW Director or the Village Board.

(b) Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to plow, shovel or otherwise deposit or place snow on or across the maintained portion of any public road within the Village, or permit such depositing of snow from property occupied by him or her. The "maintained portion" is defined as the pavement and shoulder of the road right-of-way. Violations of this section may be enforced against either the owner or occupant of the property from which the snow was removed.

(c) Subsection (b) above shall not apply to Public Works Department crews when performing snow removal functions.