Memorial Program

The Village of Lisbon Parks Department has a memorial tree-planting program. This program allows family and friends of individuals to choose a tree species that will be planted in one of our Village parks along with a memorial plaque bearing the individual's name and the names of the memorial gift givers.

The gift givers must fill out a Memorial Tree Request Form, which is downloadable below. Please return the form to the Village Hall along with payment. Location of the tree and time of planting is at the sole discretion of the Village of Lisbon Park Superintendent. Once the tree has been planted the Park Superintendent will notify the VillagHall, and Village Hall personnel will contact you via phone or email. Each tree will be approximately 2 inches in diameter. Acceptable species have been selected by the Park Committee arborist and the contact person may only choose from those species listed on the request form.

Memorial plaques and benches are also available. See forms below for more information.

Request Forms