Permitting Process

Electrical Permit

Any improvement 50 volts or greater. Plumbing Permit - Any improvement that requires altering drain waste or vent of any appliance.

HVAC Permit

Replacement of your HVAC appliance including duct work.


Except as provided herein, a fence or other structure may be erected, placed or maintained a minimum of two feet from a lot line, on residential zoned property or adjacent thereto, to a height not exceeding six feet above the ground level. The structure should be located a minimum of two feet from the lot line to allow for maintenance. Where such a lot line is adjacent to a non-residential zoned property, there shall be a ten-foot limit on the height of a fence along such lot line. 

View the Fence Ordinance (PDF) in its entirety.

Swimming Pools

This includes temporary swimming pools. View the Swimming Pool Ordinance (PDF) in its entirety.