Sample Ballots

Please click on the links below to view the sample ballots.  The sample ballots will be posted as soon as they are received from the printer, which is approximately six weeks prior to the election.  

Please click each individual ward (ballot style) to view your sample ballot.

Wards 1 & 6 (Town Hall Polling Place)

Wards-4-5 (Fire Station Polling Place)

Ward 2 (Hamilton High School Polling Place)

Ward 3 (Hamilton High School Polling Place)

For more information on what is all on the ballot, please check out the State's website: Wisconsin Elections Commissions (WEC).

Also, please remember that this election is Partisan and that means you can only vote within the same party (all republican or all democrat). The purpose of this is to nominate one person from each party for the November General Election.